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For camera lovers out there, we’re 100% sure that you’ll feel like you’re in seventh heaven upon receiving the news that Chanel has released its new camera bag in its Summer 2017 Collection. Without further ado, we are privileged enough to introduce the Chanel Business Affinity Camera Case.

Made from grained calfskin, calfskin & gold-tone metal, this camera case proves to be handy and stylish all at the same time! Say goodbye to those times when you feel embarrassed holding on to a camera bag whenever you are out and about gallivanting the world. It’s time to say hello to your super fashionable camera bag and bid goodbye to your old-fashioned one.

Sling this Chanel camera bag wherever you go and you’ll feel confident enough to be wearing it. With its part chained and part leather strap, it’s so easy to carry it around either cross-body or across the shoulders. It also has an added front pocket for practicality and a double zip for added security.

For those that really think it’s only to store a Camera, this bag works perfect as a shoulder bag as well. Style code A93609, measuring 8.3” x 5.9” x 2.8” inches, priced at Price: $3000 USD, €2890 euro, £2600 GBP, $4640 SGD, $23700 HKD, $4430 AUD, ¥368280 JPY, ¥22500 CNY via Chanel boutiques.





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Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Tuileries Collection

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If there’s one thing you should know about Louis Vuitton, they don’t just make something for someone, they make everything for everyone. Don’t believe me? Well, just walk into any LV store today and most anyone (even a seasoned professional like me) will be overwhelmed. Not that it’s a bad thing, since it also means that on any given day you’ll probably find exactly what you’re looking for in one place.

Which brings us to the subject of today’s post, a new collection of bags Louis Vuitton calls Monogram Canvas Tulieries (SGD3500). Not from the runway collection, but part of a regular rollout of new styles that happens ever so often at LV. Made for a specific woman in mind, it’s the bag (and I’m guessing) for the lady who loves her monograms, loves her bags roomy and finally, loves her bags to have bits of contrasting pops of colour here and there, all qualities that you’ll find on the Tuileries.


Shaped like a briefcase (you know, traditional rectangular body, top handles), it also comes with an additional sling strap with easy access to its interior via the dual-zip opening on the top. With microfibre lining complete with enough patch pockets even for the most OCD of you out there, this 35 cm by 24 cm by 13 cm bag comes in at least 3 different colour combinations, including the pair you see above.


For those of you who prefer something that’s shaped more like a shoulder hobo, there’s this, the Monogram Canvas Tuileries Besace(SGD2840) that comes in at 30 cm by 27 cm. Less ‘fussy’ than the former, it also comes with dual slings for those who prefer to wear their bag more than one way. Now available at Louis Vuitton boutiques islandwide, go have a look if this is your thing, but if not, go have a look anyway. Because like what I mentioned earlier, when it comes to Louis Vuitton, they have a bag for everyone and then some.

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Céline Phantom Cut Outs, Canvas, and Calfskins

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Hooray for Phantoms!medium-luggage-phantom-handbag-in-kohl-baby-grained-calfskin

Phantoms are always on my paranoid list – fearing it might disappear altogether. Because they feel a bit dated. And mostly because I feel I’m the last one to still not have one, and I still haven’t gotten over it while everyone else seems to have gotten tired of it.medium-luggage-phantom-handbag-in-white-baby-grained-calfskin

Is it over staying the catalogue of Céline? I hope not. When we see something like the gray pebbled calfskin with blue edges, and the white grained calfskin with red piping, there’s so much optimism to look forward to on Summer 2017.


The collection of Phantoms for Summer 2017 is quite similar to the older set we saw for Spring 2017. And I always question two things: why have cutouts? And why have canvas?medium-luggage-phantom-handbag-in-yellow-washed-canvas

For the prices they sell them for, one should only deserve to get a full leather treatment. Phantoms might never feel like a beach bag. It will always feel like a day bag to me.

Are you tired of them by now? Sound off in the comments!

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The Prada Plex Ribbon Geometric Bag Is Just What My Bag Collection Wants

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It’s easy to fall into buying the same types of bags, I’ve done it myself. You find a style you like, decide it is ‘so you‘, and then you keep buying the same type of bag. Sure, you end up with a different shapes but overall your bag collection starts to look the same. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing that you know your personal aesthetic, but there’s something to be said about changing things up as well. I’m always looking for something different and right when I saw the Prada Plex Ribbon Geometric Bag, I knew it was just the type of bag that my collection can use.

I love a good shoulder bag, especially one that offers a long shoulder strap. In this case the strap is optional, so you can carry this bag as a clutch as well and I actually think I prefer it that way. The focal point of the bag is the geometric plexi tab closure which gives the bag a very modern finish. Through the plexi tab closure, two leather tabs can be looped to both open and close the bag. I liked playing with the leather straps to sometimes show just one or both (in the colors that I had, the second leather strap was black), though on the runway both straps always showed. The interior of this bag offers just the right amount of space along with one slip pocket.

Overall, this is a really cool bag that I find myself really drawn to. I love the color combos Prada paired together in each (both the blue and pink are the most perfect hues of their respective colors, then again I think Prada makes some of the most gorgeous blue and pink hues). I felt a very South Beach vibe with this bag and the colors I was sent to check out. But mostly, I found this to be the Prada that I know and love: classic with a modern twist. Buy via Prada or black and white version are available at Neiman Marcus for $2,280.

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A tough-looking bag, this Saint Laurent Y Quilted Lou Lou Shoulder Bag is perfect for days when you want to toughen up your feminine ensembles.

This sleek and stylish bag can be mixed and matched over your flirty dresses, jeans and shirt, or over your modish shorts. Made from lamb and metalasse leather with a graphic effect, this one is ultra plush and stylish that it seems impossible to be leaving this gem at your house.

For those who have a keen sense for details, you’ll notice that this bag quite resembles a camera bag and that it is sporting the new and modern ‘Y’ quilting. The new ‘Y’ quilting has just been introduced and its could be the next iconic signature quilting for the YSL brand.

Aside from its undeniable chicness, we are also in love with its adjustable chain strap as you can easily transition it from being a shoulder to a cross-body bag. Looking inside, it has an internal zipped and slot pockets. It also has a zipped top for an added sense of security.

Measuring 6” x 8.5” x 4” inches and is priced at $1550 USD, €1290 euro, $12500 HKD, $1810 AUD, ¥175000 JPY




Saint Laurent Lou Lou Bag

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Kate Upton on Sports Illustrated 2017 Swimsuit Issue Cover

Kate Upton on Sports Illustrated’s 2017 Swimsuit Issue Cover

Supermodel Kate Upton makes her triumphant return to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, gracing the magazine’s 2017 edition. This marks Kate’s fifth timeappearing in the iconic publication. Photographed by Yu Tsai, the blonde poses in Fiji for the three covers. The first features Kate in a silver embellished top with a white bikini. The second captures Kate posing topless in gold jewelry. And the third and final one features her in a macrame number leaving little to the imagination.

“I was very excited when MJ asked me to be back in the issue,” Kate says about the cover. “Especially when this year’s theme is about every woman of every age and every body type being accepted. It was inspiring to be asked to be a part of that issue.” Kate can also be seen in a sexy behind-the-scenes video.


Posing topless, Kate Upton covers Sports Illustrated's 2017 Swimsuit IssuePosing topless, Kate Upton covers Sports Illustrated’s 2017 Swimsuit IssuePosing naked, Kate Upton covers Sports Illustrated's 2017 Swimsuit IssuePosing naked, Kate Upton covers Sports Illustrated’s 2017 Swimsuit IssueWearing a gold bikini, Kate Upton poses for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2017Wearing a gold bikini, Kate Upton poses for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2017

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